The removal of soft tissue masses such as ganglion cysts, lipomas, fibormas, etc. is a minor procedure that can be performed in-office under local anesthesia.


You will first be injected locally with a common anesthetic known as lidocaine. The lidocaine will provide pain management during and after the procedure for about 2-4 hours. Depending on the location of your soft tissue mass, a tourniquet may be applied to help limit the amount of blood loss during the procedure. A small incision will be made in the skin and the mass will be removed. The procedure typically takes approximately 30 minutes in the office. You may need stitches depending on the size of the incision and the mass. A sterile dressing will be applied to the area after the procedure. You will be given prophylactic antibiotics after the procedure for 3 days to minimize the risk of infection. You may also receive some pain medication depending on the extent of the procedure.

After excision, if the mass looks suspicious, the specimen can be sent to the lab for histologic analysis.


Following the excision, we will apply an antibiotic dressing. This dressing must stay dry until we see you back for a follow-up appointment, typically 1 week following the excision. At this time, we will change the dressing for the first time. We will assess for any signs of infection, clean the wound and apply a new sterile dressing. You will receive wound care instructions. If your initial dressing gets wet, please change it. DO NOT LEAVE A WET DRESSING ON YOUR WOUND. This will increase your risk of infection. If you have sutures in place, they will be removed 10-14 days after the excision is performed.