Sara Sara Nolte is a Canadian Certified Physician Assistant, graduating from McMaster University in 2016. Since completing her training, Sara has worked as a CCPA in Emergency Medicine and Orthopaedics. She joined Dr. Rabinovich’s team in 2022. She also teaches clinical skills in the Physician Assistant programs at both the University of Toronto and McMaster University.

Prior to her clinical career, Sara completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) and Masters of Science in Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences from McMaster University. Her MSc research focused on developing a cancer stem model to study brain metastases from the lung. She then spent a year working on developing cell-based cancer immunotherapies. Throughout a highly productive graduate career, Sara became interested in scientific communication and education, and remains an active contributor to Signals, a blog dedicated to disseminating scientific research about stem cells and regenerative medicine to the public.

Outside of science and her clinical work, Sara enjoys travelling, exploring nature, and participating in a variety of sports, including competing in Olympic weightlifting at the Provincial level.