Is Dr. Rabinovich currently operating in a hospital?

Dr. Rabinovich is currently not operating in a hospital. Dr. Rabinovich is able to perform minor surgical procedures in his ambulatory surgical clinic.

What procedures can Dr. Rabinovich perform?

Dr. Rabinovich is currently not operating in a hospital. However, he does perform minor surgical procedures in his ambulatory surgical clinic. Please refer to our treatments tab for a list of minor surgical procedures hi is currently providing


Do I need to bring injections to my appointment?

No, you do not need to bring your injection to your appointment, our office carries all injections.

Is my appointment covered by OHIP?

Yes, the appointment itself is covered by OHIP as well as any fees for providing injections. However, if certain products, procedures, and ultrasound feeds are not covered by OHIP, you will be notified of any fees prior to treatment.

Does your office direct bill to insurance?

No, unfortunately we do not direct bill. We will provide you with an invoice with the injection DIN number for you to submit.

Will my insurance cover my injections?

Every insurance company and patient is different. Our office can provide you with an injection list that you can submit to your insurance, and they should be able to give you an estimate from there.


Where can I get my imaging done?

We prefer images from the following sites:
St. Joseph Community Health, St. Joseph Healthcare Hamilton, Hamilton Health Sciences (Main Street West – Urgent Care, Hamilton General Hospital, Juravinksi Hospital, McMaster Children’s Hospital, West Lincoln Memorial Hospital), Joseph Brant Hospital, Brant Community Health Care, Brantford General Hospital, The Willett, Norfolk General Hospital, West Halidmand General Hospital, Niagara Health System, St. Catherine’s, Greater Niagara General Site, Welland, Port Colborne, Douglas Memorial, Woodstock Hospital, Cambridge Memorial Hospital, Grand River Hospital, London Health Sciences, and Wentworth XRAY & Ultrasound

Appointments & Scheduling

Where is my appointment scheduled at?

Dr. Rabinovich consults on patients in two different locations. Please check your appointment notice, or call the office for the correct appointment location.

Main Office
ArthroBiologix Inc.
50 Dundurn St. S
Hamilton, ON
L8P 4W3, Canada

Hamilton Foot Clinic
150 Upper James St.
Hamilton, ON
L9B 1K3, Canada
* Next door to the Mandarin Restaurant

Phone: 289-389-8181
Fax: 289-389-8111
Email: office@dralex.ca

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Valid Health Card
  • Current Medication List
  • If you had images (X-ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI, etc …) done outside the “Participating Hospitals”, please bring them on a CD with a radiology report. Please note that Dr. Rabinovich can view images and reports online, if you had them done at any of the suggested locations (- link to suggested imaging locations)
  • If you had relevant tests (EMG, Blood Work, Nerve Studies, etc …), please bring report.
  • If you have a WSIB claim, please bring your Claim Number. A claim number is required for Dr. Rabinovich to submit your forms online.
  • Please arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment time

Does your office have a cancellation list?

Unfortunately we do not carry a cancellation list; however, you are more than welcome to call the office periodically and a while to check if there has been any cancellations.

How long is my appointment?

Appointments are booked between 15 and 20 minutes. Although we try our best to remain on time, please allot up to 1 hour for your appointment as emergencies do come up.

Will I be getting a treatment at my consult?

Our goal is to provide effective treatment in a timely manner. However, we cannot guarantee you will get a treatment at your first consult. It will depend on room availability, how busy office is, and if you have completed all requested investigations.

Physician Assistant

What is a Physician Assistant (PA)?

Physician Assistants (PA) are academically prepared and highly skilled health care professionals who provide a broad range of medical services. Physician Assistants work in collaboration with physcicians to provide quality care with a degree of autonomy, negotiated and agreed on by the supervising physician(s). They can work in any clinical setting to extend physician services. Pas complement existing services and aid in improving patient access to health care. For more information please visit https://capa-acam.ca/about-pas/pa-fact-sheet/