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Tracy Bourque

Mrs. Tracy Bourque is the office co-manager for Dr. Rabinovich since 2011, and is responsible for daily patient communications, scheduling, medical records and general office operations.  Mrs. Bourque has worked in numerous high-volume and demanding environments, with over 10 years experience in an orthopaedic surgical practice, all of which has allowed her to developed remarkable … Continued

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Anisa Young

Mrs. Anisa Young is the office co-manager for Dr. Rabinovich since 2011, and is responsible for the daily operations of the practice by supporting company operations, maintaining office systems and supervising staff.  As a graduate of the Medix College of Healthcare, and employment with orthopaedic surgeons for over 10 years, Ms. Young has gained exceptional … Continued

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Dr. Daniel Avrahami

Dr. Daniel Avrahami completed his undergraduate degree from Queen’s University and received his Doctor of Chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.  In addition, Dr. Avrahami earned his Master of Science in Biomechanics at McMaster University and did his chiropractic sports residency training through the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada).  Dr. Avrahami has worked … Continued

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Justin Lautenbach

Mr. Justin Lautenbach is a Canadian Certified Physician Assistant, graduating from the Physician Assistant (PA) Program at McMaster University in 2013.  Prior to his PA degree, Mr. Lautenbach attended Brock University and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences, graduating in 2011. Mr. Lautenbach has been employed with Dr. Alexander Rabinovich (Orthopaedic Surgeon) … Continued

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Dr. Rabinovich is a member of the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators and has experience with Orthopaedic medical legal assessments. If you require an independent medical examination (IME) or an Orthopaedic medical-legal consultation please contact our office. Dr. Rabinovich is also affiliated with MedLegal.ca in providing diverse Orthopaedic services. Dr. Alexander Rabinovich earned his Bachelor … Continued

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